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Jack(ie) Martin
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United Kingdom
British, Cosplayer, Cuddly Recluse
100% Daft Lovecraftian

Hello guys welcome to my DeviantArt page, i'm a British Cosplayer by the name of Jack Martin, but most just call me Jackie (Or, if you know me from back in the early days of Matrix Online and CS1.6, AmtracJink) and this is my DevintArt page.

I'm an avid reader, watcher of movies and gamer, if you ever wanna talk to me, note my for my Skype/Steam, i always love making new gamer friends and meeting awesome new people in general!

I regularly attend MCM London, aswell as LSCC, LFCC & Hyper Japan, if you ever see me at any of these cons dont hesitate to come say hello, you'll most likely get a free hug out of it :3

Currently have two sleeves being worked one, one is Lovecraftian, the other is Gaming and things in general i like, which right now only has a Headcrab on it (Due to tattoos being expensive and real life being even more expensiverererer)

(Also PS i do not sell casts for my Daft Punk helmet nor will i be commisiond to make another, it's to time consuming and the lack of respectable chromers in the UK makes it hard to be one of the few who had the chrome, i am sorry orz)


-Daft Punk-…

-Handyman (Bioshock Infinite)-
ETA May 2014
Right, so i got some time to write this and i can now write to you lot everything about this page and what you'll see on it :)
I'm Jack(ie) I prefer Jackie but either is fine))

Recently i've been working a lot on my cosplays, and i wanted to have a place to upload my photos outside of a facebook page (i really dont wanna have a facebook page dedicated to my cosplays, i just feel it's pretentious and such, + i dont do it for fame so it's nice to be able to upload pictures to my personal facebook and move onto whatever cosplay next) but deviantart is designed mainly for uploading and sharing of these so i'm gonna use it to show off my W.I.P cosplays and pictures from cons i go to, and anything else that pops into my head.

As anyone who has talked to me before on any of the chatrooms, i'm usually busy either making cosplays, or animating Space Tank, it's coming close to a time where i can start showing off Space Tank stuff, so you can look forward to that?? :)

At this current moment in time, i'm working on a Handyman costume from Bioshock Infinite set to wear at LONDON MCM EXPO MAY 2014, i've made my beginnings and have started to order all the necessary parts, i'm just looking into commissioning someone to help with the suit, as it's a damn big suit!

I also like to make props and armours/helmets with EVA Foam and Resin just for the hell of it, Daft Punk is my favourite helmet to date, i also have a Deadmau5 Head, a WIP civil protection head and a few weapons that i'll upload in picture form soon.

Expect a few pictures of my Handyman build within the next two weeks ^-^

If you wanna talk to me outside of DeviantArt, note me for my skype, i'm a huge Social recluse so i would like to talk to people over skype microphone and stuff, i also play games regularly on steam and such so if you wanna game i'm always down!

Heres to making new fiends and finally getting into using DeviantArt ^0^

Jack (Or Jackie if you prefer) 



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